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Design & Development

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a new age startup, or an enterprise looking to grow your brand’s online influence, our team of creative and technical experts know exactly how to turn your ideas into a reality.

Creative solutions

You don’t get “one size fits all” solutions with us. We offer tailored digital marketing, advertising, branding and web development solutions, backed by solid data and research, that contribute directly to your business’s growth.

Awarded team

When the most brilliant digital marketing and development minds collaborate on a project, magic happens. At Collective.ly Digital that’s just another day in the office.

Superior ideas

Our core objective is to help your business grow. From laser focused ad campaigns to creating completely interactive digital media experiences, every service we offer works towards that single goal.

Perfect designs

An effective design not only looks pleasing to the eye but also encourages users to take action. Our creative geniuses use universal design principles to create fluid human-computer interactions and memorable user experiences.

The best team of industry experts skilled in strategy, planning and execution

We’re a team of dreamers, travelers and seasoned professionals united by our passion for creating unforgettable digital experiences. Instead of committing random acts of marketing, we develop strategically aligned campaigns that move your business towards a single goal. We have thousands of hours of digital marketing projects under our belt and we’re willing to put all that experience to work for you. Simply put, think of us as an extension of your in-house marketing team.

Content Marketing
Nothing builds loyalty faster than well-researched content that speaks directly to the readers and helps them take action. From idea generation to content creation, we’ll help you publish strategically aligned content that fuels your business.
Social Media
Listening to your customers, interacting with them on a personal level and building strong relationships is the essence of social media marketing. With social monitoring, sentiment analysis and timely content promotion we’ll get social media working for you like never before.
Email Marketing
If you’re not building an email list, you’re not building a business. By creating laser focused lead magnets, we know exactly how to flood your email list with relevant subscribers, keep them engaged with your brand and convert them into customers.
Branding & Design
The human mind processes visuals 60 thousand times faster than text. We’ll create a unique and unforgettable visual identity for your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.
Web Development
Nothing beautiful was ever built without engineers. Unlike dry nerds, our web development experts are creative artists at heart who take pleasure in building sophisticated programs and powerful systems that are necessary to run your business at an optimal performance level.
Community Management
An engaged and vibrant community can be a great asset for any business. But growing a community is a painfully slow process that requires patience and a lot of elbow grease. With our community management services, you can put your feet up and watch us turn complete strangers into brand advocates and word of mouth marketers.
Digital Printing
We're among the rare breed of digital agencies who've mastered large scale printing. Irrespective of the size of your project, tell us the objective of your next design and print campaign and we'll tell you exactly how to achieve it.
Search Engine Optimization
People use Google Search to find local and international businesses more than any other source. If your website isn’t optimized for search engines, you don’t really exist for your customers. Our SEO services are renowned for securing first page rankings even for the most competitive keywords and phrases.

How We Work

There’s plenty of science behind our creative work. Years of work experience has allowed us to develop a flawless recipe that helps us understand the needs of our customers and deliver services that exceed their expectations every time.



Understanding the needs of our clients and chalking down well-defined goals by using advanced requirement gathering techniques is the first and the most important step of our process. Our project managers are great listeners. They’ll help you identify your actual pain points and assist you in turning them into actionable goals.



We spend hours developing strategies to achieve the goals defined during the first step of our process. The strategy document is developed in close coordination with the customer and takes even the smallest details into account. It also serves as an operational guideline for each team involved in the project and keeps them closely aligned with the client's ultimate business objectives.



The user experience team takes control of the project and comes up with design variations based on the strategy document. The designs are sent to you, the client, for feedback while more samples are created. The designs and assets are is finalized once the project manager and, more importantly, you, the client, are completely satisfied with it.



This is where our engineers and content specialist roll up their sleeves and get to work. No matter how complex your idea is, our development team will come up with a working solution that’s exactly aligned with your requirements.



All the hard work can easily go to waste if the launch is not managed professionally. Before the final launch, we test in a controlled environment with groups of beta testers to ensure that the product or campaign performs well.

Leadership Team

Collective.ly Digital partners with world-class developers, strategists, social media experts and designers to dream, create and optimize digital experiences.

Eri O’Diah

CEO & Resident Dreamer

Eri is a dreamer, a traveler and a digital nomad with years of experience in successfully managing remote teams of IT experts based in different parts of the globe. She’s a marketing strategist who has worked in several strategic and consultancy positions with some of the world’s biggest brands and corporations. Collective.ly Digital is Eri’s brainchild where she lets her creativity, marketing experience and strategic insights work for her clients

Melinda Frias

Melinda Frias

 Director of Strategic Marketing & Resident Wrangler

Melinda is the operations and strategic lead at Collective.ly Digital. She has an extensive background in digital marketing strategy, web analytics, and UX. A veteran in the Digital Space, she’s helped start-ups and enterprise organizations uncover the best ways to engage their target audience and drive remarkable results.

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